COVID-19 Rides

The BWW Committee met recently via Zoom, to discuss what the Club could do to reconnect its members, post COVID-19 lockdown.
Whilst we anticipate that social distancing protocols will remain in place for the foreseeable future, prohibiting us from conducting group rides, as such, we thought it would still be possible to have club rides.
It was agreed that these rides will be conducted as informal, unofficial rides, hence there will be no Ride Leader.
The routes designated below will remain the same for approximately one month.

It was decided that we will start with the following rides.


'Gregadoo Loop' with optional Big Springs Road extension. Returning to Alex & Michelle’s Corner Table
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'Ladysmith' route with coffee at Ladysmith shop or Mock Orange in Lake Village.
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Patterson Road beginning at 1 pm nominally from North Wagga.
The Thirsty Crow could be a convenient terminating refreshment stop on this ride. Alternatively, if this is too crowded, there are other coffee options in this locality.
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Ride With GPS information
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