Safe Cycling

Bicycle Wagga Wagga aims to promote cycling as a safe and responsible mode of transport.

Hazard Reports

To alert Wagga Wagga City Council to actual and potential hazards for cyclists’ safety a Hazard Report form has been produced. If you see something that is dangerous, or could potentially be that way, do not hesitate to print out a Hazard Report form, complete the relevant details and then send it to Council. Don’t rely on someone else advising Council - do it yourself. Council cannot fix things they do not know about. It is better that they receive duplicate reports than to not receive any report at all.

Road and Cyclepath Hazard Report

Be Safe! Be Smart! Be Seen!

Bicycle Wagga Wagga promotes the education of cyclists and other road users in the interests of road safety. To this end, with the generous support of the then NSW Roads and Traffic Authority, BWW have run a visibility campaign during the winter months over the past few years.

The campaign aims to encourage cyclists to increase their safety level at all times but particularly during the darker winter months by thinking about what they wear. Cyclists are encouraged to wear light coloured clothing and to make use of reflective materials to enhance their visibility. The legal lighting requirements are also highlighted.

The campaign targets other road users by alerting them to the fact that they should be on the lookout for cyclists.

Past campaigns have seen the use of radio and print media advertising. In addition a street banner has been prominently displayed. During the one of the campaigns a reflective slap-band was produced and made available free of charge to cyclists through the local specialist bike shops. An information sheet was prepared and distributed with the slap-bands.

Be Safe! Be Smart! Be Seen! Information Sheet