BWW organise regular casual rides around Wagga Wagga and trips away as well. These rides are designed to suit cyclists of all abilities, including families, although some rides may have specific requirements.

Details about our Regular Rides can be found by selecting that button on the left.

The Special Events button will provide you with information about the additional rides BWW will be conducting. This is also where any updates to the published Event Calendar will be found.

BWW annually have a number of weekend rides which involve riding to other towns in the district and staying overnight. With support you can ride all the way or part of the way depending on how you feel.

In October each year the Canola Canter is conducted under the rules of the Audax Club of Australia. These non-competitive rides involve riding a set distance within a time limit. Distances of 50km, 100km, 150km and 200km are available. As well as participating in the Canola Canter our members also enjoy other challenging rides organised by Audax.

Please note:

  • All rides are open to the public unless otherwise stated in the ride description.
  • All Ride Leaders are volunteers who generously donate their time to plan and conduct these rides. Please follow their instructions to help ensure each ride is conducted in the safest and most enjoyable possible manner.
  • All persons joining these rides do so as volunteers in all respects and as such accept sole responsibility for any injury howsoever incurred and Bicycle NSW Inc, Bicycle Wagga Wagga and the appointed Ride Leaders cannot be held liable in respect of any injury or damage resulting from the participant engaging in any such ride activity.
  • An approved helmet must be worn on all rides. No helmet, no ride. No exceptions.
  • Please ensure your bike is in good working order and bring a spare tube, a pump, tyre levers, a full water bottle and any other tools you may require. It is also recommended you bring your mobile phone and some money for food and drinks.
  • Children are welcome on most rides but must be accompanied by a cycling adult carer.
  • If in doubt about the suitability of a ride, please contact the Ride Leader in advance.

Please e-mail us for more information.